House Rules & Regulations


Welcome to THE JOSEPHSON Retreat House! 

Please make sure that everyone is made aware of the contents of this Guest Book to make your stay  as enjoyable as possible.  JRH is not a hotel and as such is different from it in price and amenities  offered.   Please familiarize yourselves accordingly.  


Rule #1:  STRICTLY NO SMOKING AND NO PETS ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES. Rule #2:  Follow local quiet laws.  No loud noises between 10pm – 7am.  


PARKING Parking is very limited in all areas of the mountain resort, so please use only parking spaces assigned  to you.  Neighbors will complain if you use their parking spaces.     

Park vehicles in front of garage #2 & #3 in tandem based on the unit you are using.    Do not park at  the rear area of the property.    Use adjacent vacant lot if necessary.  

THERMOSTAT SETTING & WHOLE HOUSE FAN AND 3rd Floor A/C During Winter: The thermostat is located to the right of the kitchen entrance.  Upon your arrival, set  the thermostat to 60 degrees.  Since heat rises, you will notice that temperature on the 2nd floor will  be very comfortable at this setting.   Should you desire warmer temperature, set it a bit higher but not  more than 65 degrees as the 2nd floor  occupants will be roasting!  

During Summer:  Use the Whole House Fan (WHF) on the 3rd floor to cool down the house during  unusually hot summer months.  When using the WHF, open a window or two on the 1st or 2nd floor.  It  is set on a timer but it can be activated manually by unplugging the switch from the timer and plugging  it directly into the electrical outlet and pulling down the cord switch on the louvers up on the ceiling.  If  you must, use A/C on the 3rd floor only when absolutely necessary.  However, make sure the WHF  and the A/C are NOT ON at the same time or the cool A/C air will be vented outside!  

FIREPLACE (DO NOT USE IN SUMMER).   When using during winter months, make sure the flue is  open by moving the flue lever to the right  (lever is located on top, front, middle of fireplace door)   before lighting the fire. If you did not bring firewood, you may use ours, once only please, for $5 a  bundle (5 pieces). Should you need more, we would prefer that you buy your own supply at the store.   Place money inside the Suggestion Box in the utility room.    

Important:  Put ashes in metal container only; NOT in the regular trash bin.  


1.  Maps of Lake Arrowhead and surrounding areas can be found on the mantel.     Take one with you but please return them for use by our next guests.  

2.   Conserve water as the mountain resort has limited water supply.  Turn faucets off      when not actively in use especially when taking a shower or brushing your teeth.  Conserve electricity:  turn off lights, A/C, fan, etc.  when not in use.  

3.   Always keep the sliding door screens shut to prevent bugs and rodents from coming in to the   house .  We are surrounded by forests where these critters live.  

4.   For your convenience, you may help yourself to whatever consumables there are in the house   and replace them prior to check out or leave a donation as you see fit. To keep our rates low,   we do not provide personal toiletries, e.g., soap, shampoo, etc.    BEFORE DEPARTURE 

1.  Turn thermostat down to 50 degrees during winter.    Make sure all doors/windows are shut and   locked and all lights, A/C, and fans  are turned off. (Exception:  Leave bathroom windows open   during summer so the WHF can do its job)..  

2.  Clean up after yourselves for the enjoyment of our next guests  - refer to house cleaning guide   below.    Should you so desire and to let us know you enjoyed your stay, you may leave a   donation for the housekeeper which would be greatly appreciated.  

3.  Take trash you have accumulated down the mountain with you.  Outside trash bins are paid for by   long term tenants and they will complain if transient visitors use them.  Trash bags left behind   inside or outside the property will be disposed of by the housekeeper for $5/bag.  

4. Take time to sign guestbook and write suggestions/comments on how we can make  your next stay   more enjoyable.  

5. We would appreciate it greatly and we tend to be more lenient when you notify us of any damage to   property and/or furnishings caused by you or your guests instead of discovering it ourselves.  HOUSECLEANING GUIDE (Leave place in same condition as you found it) Cleaning fee is for laundry, making the beds and detailing/sanitizing all bathrooms.  

General:   Sweep floors in all the rooms.   A vacuum cleaner is available in the utility room for your  convenience.  Restore furniture to original locations  

Bathrooms:   Clean all surfaces.  

Bedrooms:  At the end of your stay, do not remove sheets from the bed.  Leave pillows on the middle  of the bed to indicate beds that were slept in.  To keep laundry to a minimum, do not hop from bed to  bed.  Linen service includes towels, bed sheets, and pillow cases only.   There will be  an extra charge if bed spreads/comforters are soiled.  

Kitchen:   •        Clean sinks, counters, stove tops, oven and BBQ grill (if used).   •        Use cleaning supplies under the sink.    •        Wash and put away dishes, utensils, pots & pans.    •        Do not leave leftover food.  

Note:  In case of extra housekeeping, a $25/hour charge will be deducted from deposit.  


Fire extinguishers location: utility room, 2nd floor hallway, and beside the fireplace.  Gas    shut off for unit #3: located behind the garage structure. Water shut off for unit #3: open small door under water heater closet in the utility room      and reach in towards left corner for the knob; turn counter clockwise to close.  

Emergency:  Fire:  909-337-2525  

Police:  909-337-6131     

Manager: Michelle  951-888-6080